Tuesday, September 30, 2008

William December Williams

Today I would like to pay homage to Billy Dee Williams. Some of you may know him as "Lando" from Star Wars or from his brief stint on Dynasty. The younger crowd may know him for playing himself on The Jeffersons, Scrubs, or Jimmy Kimmel. However, my favorite Billy Dee Williams role will always be Colt 45 spokesman.

First of all, you're right, Billy D. Nothing makes me do the sexy eyes like a tall-boy Colt 45. What woman can resist inexpensive malt liquor? I most appreciate Billy Dee because he is basically hot sex with a 'stache. But the sort of hot sex you have after a night spent in a hotel lobby drinking inexpensive malt liquor and then you never tell anyone about (unless you're me, and then you blog about it).

So tonight I'm putting les bebes to bed and cracking open a cold Colt 45 for you, Billy D. As my bff Chocolate would say at this moment, "Gezuar!"

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