Saturday, May 9, 2009


In addition to being Coco's nanny/sidekick, I also get to work at her office sometimes.  I fancy myself something of a catch-all personal assistant, but what I mostly do is just sweep everything off her desk into the garbage can and then pose in front of the freshly "organized" desk saying:
"Voila! All your worries are GONE (never mind to where)!  Nanny Garcia can do it all!"

But seriously folks, Coco owns a pretty swanky bidness.  So imagine my surprise when a company memo concerning dress code went around and BARE MIDRIFF TOPS were mentioned.  

My first inclination was to protest.  When secured with a neon scrunchie, "middies" are tasteful and refined, the perfect compliment to a nice denim skort.  

But I really just wanted to know who the fuck wore the middie to work.  I need to shake their hand.  Maybe borrow their glitter chapstick. 


  1. ah, i'm totally going to buy a skort now when i return home...

  2. I don't believe I'd be allowed into Coco's place of business with my mid-drift showing. Or anywhere else for that matter!