Thursday, April 2, 2009

16 Days Till Fake Vacation

Tomorrow I'm heading down South.  Not to the fake South I livein now, but the real one that Cat lives in.  

So today I've been insanely busy.  Laundry, changing sheets, playdates, yelling at teenagers, etc. 

Tomorrow I'll be sneaking off an airplane in Memphis so I don't have to fly two more hours to Jackson THEN drive four hours to Corinth.  Wish me luck in hoodwinking the airlines - they typically don't take too kindly to shenanigans.   

Here's a picture of Jank, wearing my headband and looking like the perfect kooky complement to our fam. 


  1. That picture is too funny! Have a good vacation.

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  3. how long will you be in memphis?????