Friday, April 17, 2009

All our best men are laughed at in this nightmare land.

It's 4am and I just had a nightmare.  I woke up and literally had both feet out of bed (which is no small task, considering my faux-diabetes restricts my circulation) and was on my way to my parents' bedroom before I realized that bed is 1000 miles away.   

I would tell you about my dream, except I can't relive that shit right now.  Instead I'm going to watch infomercials in an attempt to focus away from the gaping loneliness an uncomforted nightmare leaves.  

Judge me, if you will, for continuing to sleep in my parents' bed past the age of 20.  That shit is comfortable.  Sometimes I'll camp out in their closet until somebody vacates their spot so I can creep in.  I do this even if it's just a midnight bathroom break.  If they seem firmly planted, I start on my Momz's side of the bed and gradually scoot until my presence has been duly accommodated.  I show no mercy.  


  1. I had a nightmare myself last night. It was also left uncomforted. But I was too riddled with heartburn to really care.

    - Liz

  2. Did the black medi socks not help you jump right out of bed?

    Did you dream that you also had faux depression?

  3. Are you taking faux insulin yet?

  4. I noticed that the last time you were home I awoke with Papa Garcia in the floor clutching his pillow and blanket while I clung precariously to the edge of our king sized bed. Now I know...
    love, mama garcia

  5. The last night my mom stayed here I made her sleep with me.