Monday, April 27, 2009


The temperature's starting to creep into the 90's and I'm relieved. Having survived my first Virginia winter, I have decided that I prefer the oppressive heat to the cold.

My typical nanny uniform is gym shorts, Nanny Jorts or yoga pants paired with a tank top and/or t-shirt. Sometimes I throw in a Nanny Jumper for variety, but all of these clothes are well-suited for sweating. The only time I'm uncomfortable in the heat is when I'm forced to wear normal people clothes, which fortunately doesn't happen very often.

My wardrobe is just one reason I'm naturally inclined towards childcare. The Garcia Chirrens also benefit from my keen ability to mulit-task (I can eat and watch TV at the same time now), my whimsical imagination (I spend about 80% of my waking life fantasizing about The Butler), and my infallible patience (keeping a low level of alchohol in your bloodstream at all times will do that to ya).

The fact that I'm a 10yr old kid trapped in a 22yr old body doesn't hurt either. I try to keep the whining and the temper tantrums to a minimum, but I love making messes, coloring outside the lines, whooping it up at the playground, and telling stories (adults call these "lies").

I'm a big fan of children's programming too. If I'm cleaning my room and there's no baseball on, I turn it on PBSKids or Noggin. My favorite shows include Recess, Calliou, Arthur and any of the old cartoons that come on Boomerang. Have y'all ever seen Calliou? It's weird because the kid is totally bald.

Seriously, the other night I realized I was using my Netflix subscription to watch reruns of Kipper. Sheesh.


  1. Ugh, how can you admit to liking Calliou?? I f'ing hate having to watch that when I'm with my niece or nephew.

    I'd take the Backyardigans any day of the week over stupid Calliou.

  2. Calliou is such a whiner. I prefer Peep on Discovery Kids.

  3. I guess I've grown out of little kid tv, because I've never heard of Calliou, but I always loved Recess (do you think it's a copyright infringement on the movie, Heathers?) and Arther used to be one of my favorite shows ever. I was like in my thirties when it first came out so ten year old trapped in an old person body? Yeah, I think so!