Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Picture's Worth ... Survey Says ...

The world is becoming increasingly personalized.  I'm not referring to monogrammed tote bags or towels (though I find those equally offensive), I'm talking about making your personal space all about you.  Turning the self-centric into a farce of self-expression.  I mean, come on, you can pop in your ipod on the metro and all of a sudden the world has your own personal soundtrack.  A hastily thrown together, non-thematic soundtrack.  (No offense to those of you Cusack fans who still make mix tapes in your basement.  In fact, I applaud your dedication.)  


I open my closet and see a huge "make your own" store.  I wish it was more of a "make your own" burrito place, but sigh.  Just clothes.  But the freedom, if not the fabric, is alluring.  So here's what I picked out for today:

Paired with this fabulous jacket:
These pictures, like pretty much all the pictures you see on my blog, were taken using my Macbook built-in webcam.  Dora is obsessed with webcams.  She pretended to lose her phone one time so everyone would have to Skype her, then she would act like she could only run Skype with the webcam feature turned on.  It was weird.  She was always saying things like, 
"Oh no, Maggie, my craaaazy computer's acting all crazy again, ha ha.  Guess we'll have to turn our webcams on."

Geez, we get it Dora, you love being able to both hear and watch yourself talk.  You can tell because Dora doesn't watch the computer screen (your image) while you're webcamming with her.  Instead, her eyes are glued to the bottom right hand corner of her own screen (her image).  

Though not as enthusiastically, I also enjoy webcams.  Sometimes you get a really candid shot, like this one.  I was obviously trying to take a picture but les bebes kept doing their booty dance off screen, in hopes of distracting me.  They got me, dammit.  

But sometimes webcams can be hazardous to your health.  I call this shit "Falling Backwardz"


  1. I dig the outfit. And I agree, webcams can be hazardous to your health.

  2. I was going to buy a webcam, since Pinkie Leigh did not come with one of her own, but now I'm rethinking it.

  3. Guilty, I do LOVE the web cam.

  4. i love you - simply put you make me laugh

  5. Where did you get that f-ing sweet ass jacket? What is your address so that I may sneak into the nanny door and steal the supa fab clothes from your closet? Thanks*