Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I stumbled upon a quote from our nation's father, the OG*, George Washington: "Make the most of the Indian hemp seed and sow it everywhere."  

This quote combines two of my greatest loves: weed and indigenous peoples.  

So I'm laying in bed, envisioning a piece of art based on this uber-inspiring quote and, amidst reveries of various shades of green, comes the revolutionary idea to somehow cook weed into the paint so that the piece of art would get you high both physically and mentally, with each feeding into each other.  

And then I remembered that I've actually had this seemingly avante-garde idea before.  

Several years ago, I spent a good bit of time producing ridiculous folk art.  Ok, some of it was "good" or however people judge art.  This is how I rate it: I liked looking at that shit.  My favorite was stolen by my sister, so I guess that's a good rating.  But then I got all kooky and wanted to do some "experimental pieces" which included "multimedia works."  This is what I mean by multi-media.  My friend Amanda Tulips and I raided a Little Debbie truck and stole about 2 cases of Zebra Cakes.  Later, we smoked a bunch of weed and ate about 40 of those cakes while listening to The Flaming Lip's Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot.  So what did this "piece of art" turn out as: a bunch of "abstract" robots covered in bits of zebra cake with a painted wrapper superglued to the canvas.  

During this experimental time, I came up with the idea of the paintist** tripping on acid, while using a paint made out of LSD that would get the viewer high.  I couldn't really work out the science-y details, maybe it would involve some licking or something like that.  I was just the visionary. Someone else would need to actually make this shit happen.  

Flash back to tonight.  Is this awful? I'm scheming up the SAME whacked-out tie-dyed plans.  Shouldn't I have grown out of this sort of thing?  Admittedly, these ideas have evolved from LSD to weed, which I believe is a shift towards more mainstream endeavors, but still.  Geez.  Or, as My Older Man Friend would say: Sheesh.  

*That's Original Gangstah, for my mom.
**paintist: noun, refers to one of who paints solely while on drugs; etymology: Maggie Garcia


  1. Maybe that chemistry class will have some practical use.

  2. I love these multi-tasking ideas! I got one--how about meditating with pot-laced incense?