Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was just drying my hair, staring in the mirror, wishing I hadn't written that post.  I don't like to be so divulging of my personal turmoil, you know.  But Boo Kitty totally channeled me through that mirror (she can do that - she's got those Grateful Dead Voodoo powers) and I know she would tell me to "get out of myself" (ten points if you know where that comes from).  Actually, she would say something like, "It's weird.  It's like I can hear your voice, even though your head is jammed so far up your own ass."  So that's the new plan.  Food for All DC this Saturday morning at a painfully early 9am.  Check out their website here.  


  1. I'm checking out the food for all site. I forgot to tell you that the picture of you holding up the cig with all the writing on it reminds me of someone taking a picture of a home pregnancy test.

  2. Ahhh, omigosh Cat I was going to write the same thing, in fact when I first came on the page I thought that's what it was!!!!

    Secondly, I would love to be in D.C with you Nanny, I could use you to cheer me up (but I'm good nothing majorily wrong)...

    Third, I hate it when I get all personal too and then go back and reread what I wrote trying to figure out if I spilled too much on the blog...