Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hump De Bump

Whew, Wednesday is ovah, which is truly my hump day.  

First of all, on Tuesdays we have 3 hours of ballet, plus Tae Kwon Do sparring.  As if Tae Kwon Do in general isn't violent enough, they dedicate one day of the week entirely to learning how to kick ass (not in a cool way; in an abusive way).   

Then on Wednesdays I have a 2-hour class followed by a 3-hour lab.  Even when I'm not puking all over my shoes, this class can get pretty long.  Usually I write limericks* about my kids to pass the time.  Here's one from tonight:

There once was a boy named Dustin,
whose mouth just kept on crustin'. 
I gave him some gloss,
which he chucked with a scoff.
So the skin on his lips started bustin'.

Moral of the limerick?  Take the nanny's home remedies.  

Les bebes and I don't have to do shit on Thursdays and Fridays so we can just kick it and have fun.  And by fun, I mean, do the 40 bajillion love-inspired crafts we have planned for the week. (Oh, and did I mention that on his way out of the country, Bobby Habibi volunteered us to bring  finger sandwiches to Trixie's class party? Chokran.)

In other Nanny Garcia news, The Butler was trying to be all swavey** by planning a fancy concert date.  It totally worked, and the next day I was on the phone with Dora and my mom, trying to convince them that this isn't like the 50,000 other times I've been swept off my proverbial feet.  

But this is all besides the point.  The point is that I'm a simple kind of gal.  You don't have to plan fancy dates for me.  Mostly, I just want to smoke your weed and play the crossword puzzle app on your ipod touch.  I think the first time I checked out his ipod touch (no euphemism there, Catherinette), I was really high sleepy so I fell back into my natural state and said something like, "I'm gonna have to get me one of these things."  

Anyway, Cat wants one of these iphone things, but in my opinion (because, you know, it matters) she should opt for the ipod touch.  Just as good, less sign-your-soul-away.  I might have let her down in reference to online gaming, but I won't lead her astray this time.   

*Actually, writing limericks is one of my favorite pastimes in general, not just in class.  
** You might choose to spell this as suave, but I prefer to spell phonetically at random.  I feel it makes my blog read more smoovly.  


  1. So are you saying Over the Rhine was not necessary? Everything would have turned out just the same with....say....GWAR?

  2. Ooh, swavey, I bet you looked really chick too. I like to feel swavey by eating hose de vorse.