Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Confession of a Lazy Bloggess

Blegh, Katy called me on my bloggy laziness last night.  See, what had happened wuz ... 

I was fooling with the action figure's rat tail and it snapped off in my hand, and I was talking to Coco and all of a sudden I'm like, "Aw shit, I broke this dude's rat tail."  and then I'm all, "What the fuck did I just say?" 

I, of course, instantly recognized this as blog fodder but, alas, my amazing farting dog has been poisoning me all night (maybe it's time to open my door), so I couldn't think straight enough to weave the snap-off rat tail into a full, coherent blog.  Hence the pictures and lack of info.  

Oh, geez, I really have to go open my door now.  Jank's flatulence is positively noxious.  

PS - new post scheduled for 2pm on Wednesday.  I'm feeling slightly prolific today.  


  1. thank god. i needed to know.

    also? i still need to know if you're going to glue the little sucker back on han solo's head.

  2. Ha, Ha! You've joined the ranks of farting dog owner! Let me just warn you, whatever you do, don't let him get near the guinea pig poop. You'll need a gas mask if he does.