Friday, December 12, 2008

Advice You Didn't Ask For ...

... the best kind. 

I recently saw Four Christmases.  It was good enough that I watched the entire thing, but it was bad enough that if I hadn't been able to pirate the whole thing, I'd be okay with it too.  

I also saw Madagascar 2: Return to Africa.  Blegh.  First of all, I am of the generation that doesn't believe I have to pay for electronic media.  We only pay for things we respect and/or want to compliment.  I was okay with paying to see The Dark Knight three times in a row.  I was okay with buying a Dave Matthews CD.  But I am not okay with paying $24.50 for les bebes and I to go to a fucking matinee showing of a movie made up almost entirely of crude unfunny cliches.  And it was racist, which is like, the worst thing adjective I can mete out.  

However, I do have some good news.  Role Models was kick ass.  Seriously, it was so hilarious that I didn't start making out with The Skydiver until like 3 quarters of the way through.  

Also, Transsiberian was good.  Really thrilling.  Plus, Ben Kingsley.  Need I say more?  

In typical NannyGarcia fashion, the movies I've semi-reviewed are not even new, but hopefully I've saved you (or someone you know) a little heartache.  

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