Thursday, December 11, 2008

XMas pt. II

Everything is going swimmingly in Operation Christmas Spirit.  Last night we had forced family holiday programming - Mickey Mouse's Christmas Carol.  Our janky basement Christmas tree is all decorated with homemade ornaments, and we've had a steadystream of Christmas cookies NannyGarcia baked with love from scratch.  Incidentally, "from scratch" is a sporting term.  I shit you not.  

But I've almost exhausted all my standard kiddo Christmas plans, so I've gotten a little creative.  And by that I mean, making les bebes do things that Dora and I would do anyway.  For example, anytime we see a Christmas tree in public (I had to add that last clause after Dash tried to break into a neighbor's house to get to their tree in the front window), we take a picture by it.  Currently, our collection consists of the tree in McDonalds as well as several trees in found in Wal-Mart.  Yeah, it's probably going to be a White Trash Christmas from here on out, folks.  

Oh, and by popular demand (meaning Cat), the pictures of The Wal-Mart Coat:

And here is the lovely hood:
But my favorite feature is this:
I found this tag on the inside and I keep it, just in case PETA mistakes me for an Olsen twin.

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