Monday, December 29, 2008

China Town Bus

Yesterday I got home from the grocery store only to discover that Francois Philippe had a friend over.  This meant he, Justin, Dustin, and the friend were running around the basement my quarters, screaming, hitting, and shooting each other with various projectile objects.  The Skydiver asked me to come over immediately after I'd fallen victim to the Nerf gun.  Of course I said YES, PLEASE, HOW SOON CAN I COME OVER? LIKE NOW? GREAT!!!!

But this evening, while enjoyably awkward (as only The Skydiver can do), left me woefully unprepared for the FABULOUS duo of guests arriving today: My Gay Husband and La Henna.  You might remember La Henna from this post.  And you might remember My Gay Husband as pretty much every other sentence I write involves him in some way.  In true La Henna fashion, she called me this morning AS she was boarding the China Town bus from Boston to DC.  

Have you ever ridden the China Town bus?  I have.  This bus systems runs all over the Northeast.  Boston, DC, Philly, Baltimore, New York, etc.  The picks ups and drop offs are all in the China Town districts of each of these cities.  This means that you have to just walk around China Town and hope you're in the right place at the right time.  You'll see a throng of non-Asians, usually indicating a fast-encroaching pick up.  Thirty minutes later, a bus will back into an alley and everyone will rush forward.  The first time I rode from DC to Philly, it was packed.  People were standing in the aisles and, if memory serves, there was a chicken involved somewhere along the line.  When you reach your destination, the bus just stops in another alley and tells everyone to get off.  

Needless to say, it's the only way I travel.  And it's perfectly suited for La Henna, who is the definition of sketchy.  She never has a phone, so she'll just call you one day (like today) from a pay phone somewhere, telling you she'll be there in 10 hours.  

In other news, Dash and Trixie are currently pretending to eat baby angels.  I swear I don't know where they got an idea like that.  


  1. That La Henna sounds like a character.

  2. Is that the Fung Wah bus? I used to live on Cape Cod. We always joked that when we were poor, we could still travel!