Sunday, December 7, 2008

Last Night ...

... Bobby Habibi and Coco hosted a surprise 70th birthday party for Bobby's mother.  I was initially apprehensive because surprise + 70th bday = ???  but everything turned out really fancy.  Actually, Bobby and Coco are probably the fanciest people I know.  When I went home for Thanksgiving I kept thinking, "Gah, I can't wait to get back to my fancy family with their name-brand peanut butter and refrigerator that has ice and water in the front door of it!"

Coco and Bobby always make a point of inviting me to these things and I'm always like, oh but wouldn't you rather I do something with chirrens that involves more Spongebob and less awkward social mingling?  Seriously, I'm one of the top ten most nervous, anxious, awkward people on earth (other people on the list? My Gay Husband, My Older Man Friend, Dora, and Francois Philippe). That's probably how I ended up with this job - I find children soooo much easier to interact with than adults.  

But the party was actually super fun, I mean, after I'd had one Jack & Diet Coke (I never let my glass get empty so I'm technically always drinking on the same one).  At some point following a few refills, Francois Philippe texted me "I'm upstairs getting a makeover."  WTF?  NannyGarcia clearly must investigate.  What did she find?  Francois Philippe upstairs in Coco's bathroom with his 13yr old buddy and his 15yr old sister .... who had cut FP's jeans and put eyeliner on him.  Then this little pierced punk starts showing me pics of her 16yr old boyfriend ... who is HOT.  This encounter made me feel confused.  On the one hand, I'm thankful because ugh, who wants to be a teenager again??  But I also feel old b/c 16yr old boyfriend is HOT and it's illegal for me to think that.  To add to my confusion, as I'm going off about the stupid cuts in his jeans, I'm sloshing my drink around and slurring my words.  

After the party I took a little nap on my bathroom floor and eventually crawled to my bed.  


  1. I bet it was a lovely party with all that fancy ice and stuff. Glad you limited yourself to just 1 bourbon and diet coke. Oh, and don't even start with the old thing. You're 22 for gods sake. One day you will look back and think what a child your were.

  2. Welcome to adulthood :D hehehehe

  3. Also, you can add me to the list of socially awkward people which is really weird since I was raised by two social butterflies. I can hold my own with the best of them due to extensive training, but I just don't like it.