Friday, December 12, 2008

You're Bleeding All Over Our Xmas Cookies!!!

As I was sawing through frozen burger patties for lunch today, I accidentally sawed through my left thumb with this:

I sort of love this kind of stuff.  I love looking at blood and especially scabs.  Francois Philippe had these scaly white bumps all around his mouth last week and I kept following him around with my high-powered flashlight, begging him to stay still so I could examine them.  

This was one of those gaping cuts, where the skin doesn't naturally reclose (like a slit cut would), so it bleeds way more (coooooool).  My initial reaction was to suck air through my teeth and then run to show Dash.  He's a boy, he's going to love this, right?  Wrong.  Dash turned pale and started yelling, "Help!  We gotta call somebody!  We have to go to the hospital!!!"  Okay, okay, maybe I shouldn't have gone over there with blood running down to my elbow.  

The thing about this sort of cut is that they take awhile to heal.  It keeps spurting just a tiny bit every few minutes. It's bled through all the paper towels and gauze I've wrapped around it so now I'm just letting it air out for a little while.  

... which is making the royal red icing I'm making for our Christmas cookies a little extra special.  

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  1. I love gross stuff like that too. Angst and I were leaving the dermatologist the other day, and he said that would be the grossest job ever because you'd have to look at people's yucky skin problems. I told him it would be the coolest job ever for the same reasons. I didn't even mention the fun poking around in stuff part. Didn't want to make him barf right there in the parking lot.