Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where The Fuck Is Her Nanny?

Can I just say that this is why my job is recession-proof??  You know what Trixie and Dash learned today?  This Little Light of Mine, not how to commodify their infant bodies.  Do I sound uptight?  I'm not.  I can admit this is cute.  But when you have kids (moms, back me up) you are gripped by this daily fear that every action, every word, every look, will have a profound effect on your child.  If I give in and let him eat that cookie, will I establish a pattern of disobedience and unhealthy eating habits??  If I don't give him that cookie will he be a lower middle class factory worker because he confuses following the rules with not thinking for himself??  I'm serious, sometimes I am paralyzed with such concerns. 

Anyway, enjoy watching a kid you're not responsible for. 


  1. vuboq is very glad he will never procreate.

    children cause wrinkles. srsly.

  2. I guarantee in about 3 years she will be recreating this little number on a stage in a dance competition.

    Her mother will will stand and cheer after she finishes.

    She will get a 3 point deduction for "not age-appropriate music and costume"

    My word verification is "supercar".

  3. I think the religious right would applaud this song, since the lyrics endorse marriage vs. sleeping around.

    Now, the dance -- not so sure.