Sunday, March 22, 2009

But The Heartburn Is Killing Me

It's 4am Saturday night / Sunday morning and I'm up because The Butler just left, ending our fabulous date.  

Oooh, la la, you might be saying.  But no.  Allow me to explain.  

After we ate a disgusting amount of pizza, we came back to the house, where Bobby Habibi proceeded to explain to me how the internetz works.  And y'all, it's fucking terrifying.  I can't remember what all he said, but the gist of it was GOOGLE IS STALKING YOU.  

So at all of 10pm, we headed into the basement my quarters to watch an SNL rerun on E!  

And then somewhere around midnight, we fell asleep while watching Venezuela vs Korea* in the World Baseball Classic.  I know.

What woke us up?  I was dreamily trying to tell him to stop using the word "sexy" in front of les bebes.  

This shiz writes itself.  

*Venezuela had their asses handed to them, by the way.  It was pretty brutal.  


  1. are you real? or are you a character you made up?


  2. I think she is a caricature of a character that is loosely based on the real version of Nanny Garcia who is, in fact, not even close to being real.


  3. Wow, that quite possibly is the sorriest ending to a date in the entire world. It's kind of like like was Korea and you were Venezuela.