Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tis the Season

It's Sunday, I ain't got shit to do, there's baseball on the TV box, so why not drink hard liquor in the afternoon?  

Last night The Butler and I went to IHOP for the eleventy billionth time (he has a pretty serious breakfast addiction) and then watched The Braves lose a spring training game.  

Today, however, we went to a Mexican restaurant, drowned ourselves in strong Margaritas, and then watched The Braves lose another spring training game. Ok, well, I drowned myself in strong Margaritas, but hey - The Braves are my team.  

Fortunately, The Butler and I both love baseball.  Unfortunately, he's a Mets fan.  He's got so much else going for him though - I'm willing to overlook it.  We're both going to be very busy this season between our teams' games plus all the extra shiz that comes on the MLB network.  

Anyway, between baseball, the classes The Butler's going to be taking this summer, and the work he already does, there will be no time for me.  Therefore, I'm currently accepting applications for the position of My Gay Boyfriend.  You'll probably have to contend with My Gay Husband's rabid jealousy, but the benefit of my undying friendship will more than make up for it.

Applicants in the DC/Nova area may send their resumes to  

1 comment:

  1. Job description includes...

    5 mandatory hours on the phone per night listening to stuff...just stuff

    Keeping Nanny Garcia in Crushed Red Pepper

    Being sympathetic at the numerous "The Butler didn't listen to me while Jose Reyes was hitting" stories.

    Rate of pay negotiable.