Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Thomas Crown Affair is ...

... my favorite spy movie.  

The Butler and I both had Monday off.  I begged him to take me to the Holocaust Museum, but he didn't think it was a great date venue.  We opted for the Spy Museum instead and decided to dress the part.  

You obviously agree that we looked fucking delicious.  But it was a little awkward when we walked to the bus stop that morning to pick up Dash.  The moms thought we were cute, but then asked which of the Chirrens Garcia were going with us.  

... at which point I awkwardly explained that we weren't taking any of the kids with us.

You see, children (unlike equally eccentric boyfriends) are a free pass to be fucking nutz.  I am a nanny primarily because I can't fit into any other peer group besides young children and other less-evolved primates.  

Inspired by the Spy Museum, I had a little Spy Day here at the house with les bebes and Little Bill.  My favorite part of the day was busting out my military issue binoculars and spying on the neighbors.  Usually I have to wait until darkness falls to peer into windows and collect neighborhood gossip.  Today, however, I felt totally confident in my snooping, knowing that if caught, my kids would make me seem like a quirky nanny, not a nosy neighbor - though the rest of us know that I am actually both.  


  1. you and the Butler look delicious! I wish you were my friends :-)


  2. For some reason I feel I am going to have to sing the James Bond theme song all day.