Friday, March 13, 2009

Randomly Reoccurring Reference

I need to start writing more about The Butler as he's been testing well with my core audience.  I've enjoyed a pretty steady influx of emails and facebook activity concerning my blog* - most of it directed at or about The Butler.  My friend Benjamin Franklin texted me yesterday: "So this butler guy knows about your blog, right?  And he's okay with what you say on there, right?"

Relax, Founding Father.  Or is Fore Father more appropriate?  Fore Father just somehow sounds dirty.  

The Butler loves this blog - or at least he pretends to.  

So while some of my favorite blogs have such clever features as Ten Word Tuesdays or Just The Tip Tuesdays (are Tuesdays slow or what?), I'm going to implement something more my style:

The Randomly Reoccurring Reference.  

The Butler had a lapse in judgement recently and introduced me to Beverly Hills 90210 - the old one.  With my extremely addictive personality, I am now locked into a 10-season relationship with these people on Netflix.  Seriously, I just finished the first episode and y'all, it's pretty damn intense.  Just off the top of my head, I know there were lots of parental issues with Dylan, Brenda and Brendan saved a girl from drowning, and then it turned out that girl was from the Valley and had a drinking problem.  It was all really crazy.  

Please direct any complaints about my new "other-life" to:

The Butler 
Down in the Basement
The Mansion on the Hill
Suburbia, VA 90210

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this Randomly Reoccurring Reference.  In other news, MY MOMZ is flying in tomorrow.  Get excited!

*As a result, my blog is very worried.  


  1. i'm totally with you on the not so organized bit. and yes, tuesdays are slow because my friend deb does promtuesday. also? brenda and brenden? the names i mean. so cheesy.

  2. Can you come up with a cool alliteration for me so I can have an easy posting day? Please.

  3. Just wait until you meet the love of my 90210 life....Emily Valentine.