Saturday, October 4, 2008

La Henna

**A lot of my friends have said they couldn't follow this post so I won't be horrified if you skip over it.

My friend La Henna is Nutz. She's from the North (bless her heart) and she's pretty much the strangest/most fabulous person I've ever met. She is homeless as well as autodidactic (the latter means she can teach herself anything like a character on Heroes). Well, she used to be homeless and then she worked at McDonalds, got a chin job, and got some old man to pay for her to go to college. Fortunately, she ended up down the hall from my dorm room.

So she just sent me a 2am email and I would like to share an excerpt with you. It's crazily written, but rewarding. If you can follow this shiz, then you should definitely stick around. It only gets better from here:

i went to the state fair today and watched people tapdance with kathryn.
the state fair in mississippi was very different from the fairs in the north
because it has this one kind of exhibit that we dont, which is the oddity
exhibits. we went into one that had loudspeaks announcing that a woman's body
had been hideously transformed into that of a snake. i really liked the sign and
the speakers especially. then these 2 ladies came out and were likE OMG I SAW
THE HEAD BUT I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THIS HAPPENED TO HER. and i was like whut did it look like tell me i do not have a dollar!!!~!! and she was like I DONT KNOW and i was like did it talk? and she was like YEAH BUT I LOOKED UNDER THE TABLE AND I COULD SEE HER BODY REALLY IS A SNAKE. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? and i was like holy fuck kathryn find me a dollar and then the crazy lady gave me a dollar. so i went in and there was a snake wrapped around and in the middle a womans head, and i said hello are you a snake? and she did not answer. and i said oh. are you? and she was like good. and then everyone was like HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE so anyway the story ends with me running out screaming ITS MIRRORS ITS MIRRORS.

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