Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And Then It Hit Me

Today is my 22nd birthday and it is also the first day of the rest of my life.  I say that almost as much as I say the f word, which is quite often.  But seriously, this time I'm gonna get it right.  

This new found resolve was inspired by a phone call I had with Chocolate the other night.  She called from Albania and it was like 4am her time and she was stressing about the language class she had in just a few hours.  I, of course, was encouraging her to skip - I mean, she's not even taking it for a grade!!  But she reasoned that she couldn't miss because she would be missing later this week for a panel she's been asked to sit on.  

And then it hit me: In ten years, we will likely be doing the same thing.  I'll be sitting in someone else's basement listening to the Grateful Dead, eating peanut M&Ms and watching shit blow up on the internet while Chocolate prepares for a PANEL in ALBANIA.  

She's so important that she's asked to sit on fucking PANELS (because trust me, this is hardly a first for her).  The only panel I've ever been asked to be on was something about the legalization of marijuana.  It wasn't until I showed up and realized I would be sitting in the "pothead exhibit box" that I regretted thinking my patchwork skirt seemed "fancy" and "business-like" (I believe I actually said those words).  Hey - it wasn't floral or anything.  It had varying shades of blue, which included navy blue, which I believe is a very businessy color.    

Ok, enough with the self deprecation act.  That's not really my style. 

N-E-Wayzzz ... today is the first day of the rest of my life and lots of things have been happening.  My oldest sister gave birth to a 7lb 5 oz boy ... FOUR hours before my birthday!!  But it's okay, because you know for every birthday for the rest of his life, I'm going to mention those four hours. 

When my parents got to the hospital, my kook of a father bolted across the parking lot and left my mom behind.  And in a very Garcia-family move, not one damn person at the hospital had a camera.  AND I'm going home Saturday to see him!!!!!!  

Please stay tuned for NannyGarcia's Mississippi Homecoming.  


  1. Happy Birthday, Nanny! And congrats on the new nephew.

  2. Okay, so I just got off the phone with you (I am the Fulfiller of Wishes) and decided to check your blog. Imagine my surprise (and disappointment, consternation, dismay) when I discovered that LOTS of what you said to me you were repeating from today's post! And some was verbatim! As much as I support your blogosity, i believe it should exist as its own separate universe, a bizarro-life, if you will (and I KNOW you will).

    I feel a bit ripped off. It's like I was unwittingly led into a preview of the Misadventures. Totally ruined the blog experience for me. For today, anyway. I'll still come back. Mainly so I can follow the Catherinette link to her site, but still--I'll be here.

  3. Feliz cumpleanos amiga!

  4. I wish I ate more peanut M&Ms, maybe that's my problem, too many panels...
    Actually I wonder if in ten years we'll have kids or not and whether they'll be as cool as us and if they'll be best friends attempting to rid the world of all racial injustice...