Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Radio Show

Yo yo yo. This is your gurl Magic Garcia coming atcha LIVE from Da Dirty Dirty!! We're doing it BIG in the Crooked Letter Hump Back state, getting down with our little thug baby (more about him later).

I have always wanted my own radio show. Growing up, one of my sisters and I would talk into the whirring blades of a hand fan (I realize this sounds weird, but try it out and you will see that it sounds like you're on the radio!! Just don't get your lip too close to the blades. We still call my sister Slingblade behind her back.)

And when I was in college I dated this guy who was a tad on the quiet side (can you imagine????) so to fill the silent air, I spent many a Saturday afternoon taking bong rips and "broadcasting live" from our dorm room. The Boyfriend's contribution to my imaginary radio show was pulling his car up to the parking spot nearest our dorm, opening all the doors, and blaring music in between my shoutouts (because y'all know we didn't own any other radio at the time).

The Skydiver recently revealed that, in addition to a PhD in Electrical Engineering, the equivalent of a 5th degree black belt in skydiving, a private pilot license, and a nasty divorce, he also has his amateur radio license. After much research (meaning I bombarded The Skydiver with questions for approximately 10 minutes) I have discovered that this means he can broadcast on a frequency that is somewhere between Rick Dees and late night trucker conversation lines (Breaker, breaker, 1-9, this is Sweet Judy Blue, looking for love in all the wrong places, somewhere along I-10, any rest stop buddies this evening??).

So my newest endeavor is going to be getting a radio show on one of these frequencies. In between Grateful Dead and gangstah rap I will be answering y'all's questions about y'all's chirrens. Email them in at nannygarcia@live.com.


  1. Will a podcast just not do?

    I was a DJ at a college radio station, and my name was Astrid. My co-DJ was Omega so we were the Astrid and Omega show. What were we thinking?

  2. Fun! You are a very interesting person! Interesting in a good way, that is.