Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gay Husbands Make the World Go Round

I really can't say enough about how important My Gay Husband is to me.  I would not be NannyGarcia without him, considering he dressed me the day Coco and Bobby Habibi interviewed me.  He would have never let me out the house with my tie dye tshirt and dread locks.  He even made me shave my legs!  This was a big deal because I had not shaved my legs in about 4 months, and the hair on my legs was so long that I could feel the breeze blowing through them when I wore shorts jorts.  It sounds gross, but it was an interesting feeling for a girl.  ANYWAY: Gay Husbands intuitively know when to let their fag hags wives look a hot mess (like me, 29 days of the month) and when to put their gay foot down.  

So look at this picture (which I believe is originally from Design Sponge):

I don't know this lady, but she is very pretty and fancy.  But you know what's missing from this picture?  Her Gay Husband.  If she had one, he would have pulled her aside and said: "Gurl, I know it's your wedding day, but your hair is looking fug and you clearly need some help.  But don't you worry, gurl, cuz I am going to take care of you." And then he would have whipped a flat iron out of his murse and fixed that fried thing on top of her head.   

Ok, so if anyone knows this pretty and fancy lady, tell her to get a gay husband before her next wedding. 


  1. I need a gay husband. I only have one of those regular straight kind. He's great for some things, but hopeless when it comes to fixing bad hair. Used to have a gay boyfriend, but that is entirely different.

  2. Every girl should have a gay husband. They make the world go round.

  3. omg!!! i have a gay husband too!!!! and i love him! im so glad that someone else feels the same way about their gay man. - niki lee