Thursday, November 27, 2008

North American Genocide

I'm not celebrating Thanksgiving today.  I'm commemorating the genocide of Native Americans.  Both Dora and Bobbie Jean hate that I'm saying this because they think I'm being a "downer".  Yeah, that's true.  Genocide is always a little glum ... especially people who get smallpox blankets from their "friendly" pilgrim neighbors.

This has been a common dilemma for me since graduating college.  I'm always trying to poke, prod, and lure people into meaningful discourse. But nobody ever wants to talk about murder at breakfast.  


  1. You should come over here and get Yankee and Angst started on the whole Native American genocide thing because they will definitely join in. Of course, you need to find someone to oppose you in order to get the fun really rolling.

  2. I live on cape Cod for 26 years and knew a lot of Wampanoag that didn't celebrate Thanksgiving. There were usually protests in Plymouth.