Sunday, November 16, 2008

Equality for All Americans

FIRST THINGS FIRST: A SUPER NannyGarcia shoutout to my fabulous friends, Smachel Crooks and Yorn Gnarlsson for joining me in the March Against Prop 8 in Washington, DC.  About 5,000 people showed up yesterday and Smachel and Yorn braved the rain with the rest of us.  Thanks, y'all.  

AND NOW allow me to (briefly) be perfectly honest.

  • protesting
  • civil disobedience
  • sticking it to the man
  • rioting
  • revolting
  • marching
  • standing in place
  • sitting in 
  • loving in
I will basically do anything that will stir shit up and/or result in tear gas being dispelled.  I support gay rights, but yeah, I could basically be marching against cigarettes (which I smoke) tomorrow and I would be just as excited.  **disclaimer: I don't do anything Republican, that's my limit**

Yesterday I not only totally got off from walking with THOUSANDS of people from the Capitol to the White House, chanting, screaming, holding signs above our heads for hours.  I truly believed in what we were marching for.  Even My Gay Husband, who once said that he never wanted gays to achieve equality because then he would lose his edge was out hooting and hollering on the Mississippi streets.  

It freaks me out that people try to ban gay marriage.  That's like saying Jews can't marry or people with one arm can't have kids.  What is this, China??  So if you haven't done something to stand against Prop 8 (or similar hateful legislation), go to and check some of their shiz out. 


  1. I like sticking it to the man, but in a sitting on my couch kind of way. I guess it's time for my anti-prop 8 rant on BlueLadyRedState.

  2. You freaking go, Nanny Garcia!

    I can't believe that they passed Prop 8. What a freaking sad and sorry thing. Stupid conservatives.

    Coincidentally, the word verifcation is "mated dip". What do you think that means?