Friday, January 30, 2009

Como Se Dice OUTSOURCE En Espanol?

I know NOTHING about technology.  Until Bobby Habibi harassed (he would say 'gently led') me  into getting a Mac, I didn't even care about technology.  And then my Mac spoke to me in its hushed, white, intuitive, tones and I wanted more.  So I'm trying to learn more through my blog.  And by that I mean, I read about four sentences on the blogger help page and then my brain shuts off and I go eat ice cream. 

However, I did change my template a little. Can you tell? I made the font bigger because I could barely read it, so how could I expect you to?  I also changed my link colors from hard-to-see-gray to magenta and hunter green.  (Do you detect a pattern of vision problems?  Yes.  I am 22 and I wear reading glasses. It is embarrassing.  Thanks for bringing it up.  Geez.)  

That's it for tonight though.  Whew.  That was tough.  I had to go to the 'layout' button, and then the 'fonts and colors' button, and then the 'link' button and then BACK to the same menu and save all my changes.  

And then I had to wipe the sweat off my brow.  

PS- Scheduled post in a few hours!  Two-For Friday!!


  1. This entry had NOTHING to do with Spanish Dice. Needless to say, the degenerate gambler in me was upset.

  2. With your template, you can ad a photo to the header, then you'll look all professional blogger and everything. I'm thinking you in the purple coat with your mannequin. Maybe you can get her a purple coat, too.

  3. You like-a-da Mac no?