Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prince Ali, Fabulous He

Today Dash and Trixie watched Aladdin on the TV set.  Which is actually a banging movie, as far as Disney flixxx go.  

When Aladdin and Jasmine get all snuggly on the magic carpet and sing "A Whole New World," Trixie stared up at me with her big ol' doe eyes and goes, "Oh, NannyGarcia, they like each other!  It's a happy ending!"  

So of course I turned it off right then so she didn't have to through all the emotional turmoil of a fully-developed plot line.  I know they end up together, but there's all those messy trials and tribulations they have to go through and life shouldn't have to be so oogly and hard for a 4-yr old.  
But speaking of Aladdin ... did you know NannyGarcia dated him?  Well, I dated the guy who played him at Disney World.  It's a real long story as to how our love came to be, but it did.  He came to visit me up here one time.  And, unfortunately, My Original Gay Husband (who is even sassier than the current version) met him many moons ago.  I have yet to live it down.  He at least had the decency to wait until The Moroccan (as he is now known) was in the bathroom to ask, "Where the hell did you get this immigrant and when are you returning him?"

Many of my friends were kind though.  I mean, he was pretty hot and wore tight pants and he was fucking Moroccan. Know what city he was from?  Casa-motherfucking-blanca.  I shit you not.  To be quite honest, he wasn't the strangest thing I'd ever brought home.  The first time he came to Mississippi, we went on a double date with My Gay Husband and his then-love interest.  Awkward, to say the least.

Ok, so now you know about The Moroccan, which primes you for tomorrow's story. 

**I would also like to publicly add that I totally wanted to marry The Moroccan, and totally would have, if I wasn't on my diddy's kick-ass health insurance until I'm married.  


  1. Well, I'm here. wandering around your Alma Mater. And I have to add that from the start, i disapproved of the relationship with the Moroccan. I got the call from florida when you first ventered into that territory; i got the call when you desperately wanted to DEventure out of that territory. And I got a few calls in between.

    Health insurance or no, he wa s a bad idea.. bad, i tell you.

  2. Sometimes things like kick-ass health insurance save us in more ways than the way it's supposed. Like preventing you from getting married at what? 21. No matter who the guy was, that was a bad idea. (coming from someone who waited until the ripe old age of 24 and a half.

  3. Hi Nanny! You've won a Major Award. Come over and see it.