Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oooh, a Video! Oh wait, It's of Skin.

I had more bloodywerk done this morning.  Fortunately, my Caribbean friend was there and I was done in about 10 minutes.  His ethnicity is actually a mystery to me, but every time I see him his accent sounds a little bit different.  So today he was Caribbean.  That's really how anthropology works - guessing and then half-heartedly publishing, knowing someone younger and more attractive is just waiting to reguess everything you just guessed.  

Oh, I kid, I kid.  Anthropology is very scientifical.  

Last time I visited my South African friend, my arm was a total bruised up mess.  Coco gave me the side eyes when she asked what happened to my arm, as if I might be sneaking out the nanny door after bedtime to shoot up on street corners (My Older Man Friend wants to say something like "If the bruises fit" right now).  

But no.  I think the real reason my arm is a hot mess is because they fucking duct tape the gauze to my arm!  So as I was yanking earlier, I thought, "Why not record this and put it on the internet??"  (Which is sort of what I think about, uh, everything.)  So enjoy.  If you listen real close you can hear me breathing heavy (the story of my life) and my skin weeping as only industrial-strength adhesive will make it do.  

Actually, I just watched the video and it's pretty boring.  You should skip it.