Friday, January 9, 2009

Domestic Servants Have to Stick Together

Yesterday les bebes and I stormed the cuhmoooonity college to get me into my chem class. People kept complimenting me on my well-behaved children and telling les bebes how cute they were. Dash and Trixie just soak it up. They are total pros. Trixie, especially, will turn up her doe eyes, flip her hair, twirl her skirt, all to get a grin from a receptionist or check out clerk. After episodes like this, Dash usually says something like, "I counted 14 people who said we were good and I think it only takes 12 compliments to go to Target!!"

Speaking of les bebes, they're finishing up their lunch now so I have to return to making escape pods for action figures, which is what they think I've been doing this whole time.

Tonight Coco and I are going out for Andrea Louise and Coco's sister-in-law's birthdays. This should be a total shit show - or at least I hope it is. I will be in rare form since my plans for tomorrow include sleeping until 1pm, going to the gym, taking a shower, and then napping from about 4pm to 6pm. This will all possibly be followed by an outing with a local butler. Domestic servants have to stick together!!!


  1. That girl already knows how to work it, and I love Dash's compliment to Target ratio.

    I have 2 questions:
    1)Did you sweet talk/strong arm your way into that class?
    2) Is he an English bulter?

  2. No, he isn't English, but he does speak English fluently and can do a cockney accent. He also dresses like a Butler...