Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You Know, The Lady Who Lives in Your Basement

Sometimes, I am terribly immature.  Like, just a second ago when Francois Phillippe was refusing to read the Jack Kerouac book I was throwing at him.  I kept screaming "This book changed my life!!  His literary style was, at the time, absolutely unorthodox!!  Unorthodox, I'm telling ya!!"  This episode ended with me stomping off muttering, "Fine.  If you don't want to grow up to be as cool as me (you know, the lady who lives in your basement), then don't read Jack Kerouac.  Just keep watching Spongebob while your brain rots."  

Geez, I gotta stop letting these chirrens get to me!!

1 comment:

  1. ya know, there is plenty of Wisdom in a Spongebob episode too....just sayin.