Friday, January 23, 2009

Karma Police

I must have racked up a lot of good energy points because I am being rewarded this weekend with the presence of two of my absolute favorite people in the universe (My Older Man Friend and My Uncle Ted are up there too).  Not only is Dora coming to visit (TODAY! SHE ARRIVES TODAY!!!), but we are going to spend the weekend in Philadelphia with our childhood friend Benjamin Franklin.  

Y'all know all about Dora, so let me tell ya a little somethin' somethin' about Benjamin Franklin.  He is gorgeous.  Additionally, he is the most genuinely kind person I know.  He's spent about the last bajillion years working at Boys and Girls Clubs, then he worked on the Obama campaign for free for six months.  After that, he was promoted to Chief Fancy Pants for the Obama campaign and now he is a Big Fancy Campaign Manager for Big Fancy People in Philadelphia.  

I don't really care about his fabulous political titles, but he is one of the dearest friends I've ever had and I love him so very much (awwww....).  He has come to visit me a few times, but I never get to really sit down and have a beer with him because he has the knack of visiting at my busiest, most stressful times.  So this weekend, I'm taking it easy, enjoying my time with my three best friends (Dora, Thomas Jefferson, and Mary Jane, that is), and not fixing one damn sandwich or putting anyone in time out. 

Here's to mini-vacations!   


  1. I really think I should be invited as your new Older Woman Blogger Friend.

  2. can i come? because a weekend of not making sandwiches and not putting people in time out? yes huh. and i'm assuming dora is not the explorer. (thank god).

  3. I think you should title your next three blogs

    1) Subterranean Homesick Alien

    2) 2+2=5

    3) Exit Music (For a Film)

    Either that or start stealing titles from Sigur Ros.