Saturday, January 17, 2009

Desperation Laundry

Well, I'm down to the bottom of the barrel.  I have exactly zero (0) pairs of clean underwear, my shirts all smell like patchouli and doritos (a hippie nanny's trademark smell, of course), and I've been stealing socks from Justin and Dustin.  I really don't want to start laundry at 2am (and I'm sure Coco and Bobby Habibi, whose bedroom is next to the laundry room, don't want me to either). 

I could have done this all earlier while everyone else was at a family friend's house, but I took that opportunity to smoke cigarettes, eat veg chili with sour cream and jalepenos (it's lasted me about five days, since no one else has ate a damn drop), and then watched a Cheaters marathon on G4.   I really love everything about that show, but my favorite part is the creepy way that Joey Greco always promise to "take care" of the "nice young ladies" that they dudes are caught cheating with.  Like "Let's get this nice young lady a ride home ... to my house pants."   

Oh, and thanks to everyone who phoned in tips (even the anonymous ones) as to the whereabouts of My Older Man Friend.  I found him over at Catherinette's.  But don't worry, I'm on the phone to Joey Greco already.  


  1. I'm sorry Older Man Friend is cheating on you with Catherinette, but do you think it might have something to do with the patchouli and Doritos shirts topped with vegi chili and jalapenos?

  2. i will never in my life admit that i know who joey grecco is. but i totally do.

  3. I was not cheating on you with Catherinette. Not that i wouldn't (no offense, i think she is arousingly hilarious) but she doesn't know me from (an older) Adam. In fact, I fear if she DID know me she would put me on the Ugly Guy Friday post she does.

    I did check in via text last week, did I not? I hadn't gone missing for that long, eh?