Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dancer For Money

I just got off a very busy and important phone call with my dear friend Joella DeVille, during which time Joella and I discussed the merits of the song Private Dancer by Tina Turner.  And by discuss, I mean we crooned snippets of the song back and forth to each other for several minutes while Joella was walking to work on Beale Street.  Music on Beale Street is nothing new, but I guess since we sounded less like Tina Turner, more like the Cookie Monster, Joella got some stares.  Or I assume someone was staring at him because he suddenly interrupted our crude duet to yell: "Boo, I ain't yo mirror!"

In addition to easy listening hits of the 80s, Joella called to announce he and his significant other are moving to Seattle April 15th (they are obviously running from the IRS - though they could have chosen a less conspicuous departure date).  Now, Joella and I know what it's like to be broke.  Hell, I'm a domestic servant.  I mean, a greatly glorified domestic servant, but I still live in some else's basement.  And Joella, having no car, rollerblades around Memphis.  We're eccentric homeless people.

But our mutual BFF, Georgia (the hippie), knows nothing of this, as her parents are flying her out to Denver next week, to look for furnished apartments.  The first time she met Joella's significant other, she kept going on and on about how no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't get broke.  She would spend money like water, and her parents would just keep filling her bank account back up.  

Now, Joella and I are used to this sort of shit.  It sounds bitchy, but Georgia's wealth is actually very endearing because, despite all the money she has, she still spends it like a poor person (or a child).  Examples: kites that she flies in the WalMart parking lot at 4am, 200lb bags of cheese popcorn, hammocks for all of her friends (not lying - this happened freshman year - then we realized they didn't fit in our dorm rooms and they just got tossed out).  

However, Joella's significant other just wasn't used to this sort of talk so he replies,  "Georgia, I'm not trying to be rude because I just met you and all, but shut the fuck up."  

What? You thought I'd post about the inauguration?  Fuck that, I'm a leader, not a follower.  

PS - Check out Joella's significant other's blog here.  


  1. our lives. they are interesting the same in weird unsame ways. also? i'm surprised that i haven't met and considered dating joella. because i seem to be all about the gay guys of late.

    i totally love this friend of yours who has too much money. could she send me a kite do you think?

  2. Oh that Joella DeVille. that nickname is so funny by the by..