Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Mac

I just got a MacBook!  The MacBook pictured above is gold-plated (clearly, it belongs to Coco and not me).  I've had my old laptop for about 4 years and it was in a sad state.  The metal piece of the charger was broken in half, with part of it permanently stuck in my laptop.  I had to delicately place the other half of the charger on it, sparks flying all the while, and then support it with a nasty crumpled tissue (my computer could sense if it was a fresh tissue and then wouldn't play along).  This was okay, except sometimes the sparks would catch the tissue and start blazing (and not blazing in a good way).  

I still couldn't justify getting a new laptop while my old one still worked.  So I finally just left it in the driveway and let Bobby Habibi run over it and then I ran outside screaming "What did you do??" with Visine tears streaming down my face.  

So today I would like to share a moment of silence in respect for my jank old laptop.  May god have mercy on its poor porn-ravaged soul.  

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  1. Ok, I just clicked here via Bossy and her new Povery Link (me!) and hello, that is the funniest thing I have ever read... seriously, you have made my morning on a morning when I needed a laugh!

    I don;t know who Bobby Habibi is, but I am looking forward to hearing more about him...

    Damn, how come my nanny wasn't this much fun?