Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Circus, Revisited

As you may have heard, I took all five kids to the Circus on Monday and it was surprisingly enjoyable, as far as my children were concerned. No one was bored, no one tried to escape, no one attacked their sibling with a broken beer bottle.

And believe me, I know bad days with kids. When I was still new on the scene, Bobby Habibi was out drilling oil somewhere and Coco had run off to Vegas with her friend Juanita from Spain (not making this up). Then Justin went missing and Dustin punched a hole in his bedroom wall and while I was making pizza, Trixie spilled scorching hot pizza cheese on her leg (still not making this up). While everyone was screaming and/or crying all I could do was run downstairs and curl up in the fetal position on my bathroom floor (really and truly not making this up). But then everyone went to bed and I drank beer and watched Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins with Francois Philippe and Mo'Nique + alcohol cheered me up (and please click on that link - even just the intro to her site is so great).

As the Great Bard would say, all's well that ends with Mo'Nique.

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