Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Regard Your Good Name

Fifi is making me change her name on my blog to Coco Roshambo.  In case you don't know, Roshambo is a French phonetic spelling of Rock-Paper-Scissors.  It also refers to the act of kicking a man in the junk.  Coco adds that she would only do this as a last resort.  We got Trixie to say it a few times in her baby voice, which was cute, but we really want her to punch one of her brother's in the crotch and then say it without being coaxed to do so.  (Only as a last resort, of course.)  But kids don't ever pick up on your subtle suggestions.  Trixie loves to run around or jump off stuff while heralding herself as "Super Girl!!!" so I keep trying to get her to call herself "Tawanda" when she's in that mode, but the next day she's always back to that lame Super Girl routine. 

Fifi (or Coco, I should say) was SO serious about this so I guess I have to do. I'm scared of her (which is saying something).  But this at least gives me something to do while I'm waiting for My Gay Husband to call me and dish about this text he just sent me: "Had the best sex of my life lst nite. 4 times over. He wants me 2 sport a blk calv klein thong he just gave me. details 2nite."  

Sounds promising!!

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