Friday, October 17, 2008

Mavis the Mannequin

Coco got a big fancy mannequin in the mail a few weeks ago.  It's a long story as to why she received this package, but just go with me here.  As you might expect, after the package arrived, we just pushed to the side somewhere and pretended it wasn't there, covered it with dirty clothes and schoolbooks and promptly forgot it. 

Well, tonight the mannequin came out.  Not only is her face strikingly gorgeous, her legs are ungodly long, her ribs are poking out *just enough* and she's got $30 boobs.  When Coco was shopping around for a mannequin, she realized this particular model was $30 more because she has glorious tits.  Of course, Coco opted for perfect-tit girl making her a big plastic inferiority complex on a stick.  (Actually, I only suffer from superiority complexes.  I have ridiculously high self-esteem no matter what I look like -- I always think it's other people who have the problem.)  

Here's a picture of Mavis' (I had to give her an ugly name at least) freakishly human face:

Assembling the skank took way longer than it should have.  It seems like, as humans, Coco and I should have been able to just look at these 8 plastic body parts and easily piece them together. But not so, my friends.  We finally solved the mystery of her hands by looking at her thumbs (e.g. your left hand has the thumb on its right side).  Prior to our Sherlocking, we
 kept asking ourselves why they sent us a mannequin that was cupping its perfect $30 breasts.  

We get the mannequin all set up and nudie (except her wig, courtesy of NannyGarcia) and Coco has A FABULOUS IDEA.  We face Mavis towards the garage door so when Francois Philippe, Justin, and Dustin come in from football they will react hilariously.  I'm not sure if we were expecting them to shriek with fear or fall at Mavis' perfectly arched feet and worship.  

It was a good idea.  But Coco was crouching behind the garbage can as conspicuously as possible (imagine her head + camera on top of the big green dumpster) so the boys (who I guess are pretty much acclimated to their whacky mother household) basically said:

 "Nice tits.  What's for dinner?"  


  1. way nice tits, what is for dinner?

    Bobbi, (Fresh from a 24 hour tour of the world)

  2. Yes, the tits are way nice and well worth the $30, but why did Coco want a mannequin in the first place?

  3. I say something similar every night before dinner while looking at porn.