Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fatty, Fatty, Boom-Ba-Latty

Today I am starting a diet.  

I say this pretty much every other day.  But I'm really going to do it this time, y'all.  I can feel it in my bones big fat thighs.  Coco is doing it with me, which is great because I predict that in just a few months, we're going to be so distracted by our supermodel bodies and hot new Latin lovers that we're not even going to notice the five children screaming around us (I hope our Latin lovers bring earplugs).  

In other news, I just got off the phone with my best friend Dora.  We were talking about some random guy and she says, "Oh yeah, I thought he was a rando."  "Rando?"  and then she says:

"Yeah, rando.  Like, random.  I like abbreve-ing because it saves so much time when I talk.  Except for all that time I sometimes spend explaining my abbreves.  But it usue (usually) averages out. "  Of course, I have reason to believe she was a little distracted at the moment (read: high as a fucking kite).  Dora also told me that at Crabtree and Evelyn (at which Dora is the Chief Bow Maker) they have an official form they have to fill out to report any celebrity sightings in the store.  Do that many celebs go into Crabtree and Evelyn?  If so, for what?  News Flash: If you're a celeb, you really shouldn't be getting your mother saran-wrapped lotion gift sets for her birthday.  


  1. So how many times has Do had to fill out the re on celebs shopping at Crab & Eve? Who were the celebs?

  2. Trust me not very often(Never). However, Usher was spotted in a C&E in NY buying gifts for his mom.

  3. Remember in high school when we used to start a new diet every morning and end it at lunch? Those were the days.....I mean, are the days.....for me at least!