Friday, October 3, 2008


I continually battle to keep my chin up, look on the bright side, stay away from the Valium, all that jazz. But this week has been particularly hard because My Gay Husband, who still lives in Mississippi, dropped his phone in a toilet. Thus, I have had to live without our daily 4 hours of chat time (the worst part is I am not exaggerating by very much).

This is just awful as My Gay Husband functions primarily to reel in the Krazy. Without him, my Krazy starts peaking out all over the place. The last time my Krazy got the best of me I ended up dating the Moroccan guy who plays Aladdin at Disney World.

But the upside of all this is that we will have so much to talk about when he gets a new phone. Usually our phone calls revolve around things what we've most recently eaten, bought, or slept with. But since we are both so obsessive, we end up talking about the same biscuit, blouse, and boy over and over again (don't act like you don't love biscuits and blouses too!).

So if you see My Gay Husband, let him borrow your phone for a few hours, will ya? I can't come home with anymore boyfriends or else Coco is going to have to get me another closet.

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