Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some Nannies Ain't Right in the Head

After a GLORIOUS Saturday, I'm spending my Sunday like any good nanny: eating ice cream and watching The Hand That Rocks the Cradle on the Lifetime Network. I've seen this movie about a million times but I just realized that the opening scene is Krazy-Racist. This stupid white family goes all Nutz because a black man is in their back yard. Mom drops a coffee pot full of orange juice and then the dad (played by 90s hottie Matt McCoy *) rushes out, guns blazing. Of course, they soon find out he's just a harmless tard there to build a fence. In addition to mega beard hottie, this movie also features the original Suri Cruise, Madeline Zima.

But the best part is that this movie is fucked up on not just one, but so many different levels. Repeat showing later tonight on Lifetime. Check it out.

*As a side note, my favorite Matt McCoy movie is definitely Rent A Kid. Check it out.


  1. girl madeline zima was the original suri cruise! i had just watched matilda before i left the states and thought, "whatever happened to that girl?" i'm bout to google it right now!

  2. so, at this point, Im wondering a few things: 1.) how much do you pay cwest to comment? 2.) why you've not offered me the same (or even sweeter) deal, especially since you ALMOST lent me a C note recently without blinking an eye; and 3.) did you realize the humor in calling the "cell phone in the toilet" drama a telecommunicative DROUGHT. (go ahead, admit that you didn't.)