Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mean Girls - PreK Version

Today I dra(u)gged myself out of bed at 7:19am!!  As I've posted before, I like to wake up about 7 every morning, then lounge in bed for about 3 hours.  Waking up early doesn't feel good to me. It makes my faux-diabetes act up. 

But since I was up already, I took Trixie and her friend Little Bill (if you've ever seen that show, this kid has the EXACT same voice!!) to preschool.  Trixie's been coming home from school complaining that nobody is nice to her, so I wanted to check out these bitches myself.  I decided to pop into her classroom and I immediately spotted the tricks.  About six of them were all camped over at one table, dressed alike and giggling about something stupid.  Anyway, long story short (meaning I'm cutting out all the parts where I kick a bunch of 4-year old asses), we decided Trixie was way too good for that table and parked her with the kid with Transition lenses (those indoor sunglasses) and the Japanese girl.  I'm pretty happy with our decision because you could just tell he had already made peace with his Transition lenses so I'm guessing he's really funny and cool. 

When Trixie came home today, she pumped her fists and shouted "I love, love, love Transition Lens Kid!!!!"  Mission accomplished, Nanny Garcia. Now I've got to go make my "angry eyebrows" at les bebes for coloring on the floor with markers.  

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